Problem with calibrating

Hi there!

For a school project I am building a drone, this drone has the arducopter 2.6.
The arducopter is configurable with the missionplanner.
However when following the wizard in missionplanner I get stuck at calibrating the compass/gps, when I have to rotate it around the axis to all the white blocks, it suddenly stops and I receive the following error: “Setting new offsets for compass #1 failed”. This happens at a random time when preforming the calibration. I cannot complete the calibration.

Any ideas/suggestions?

When you say Arducopter 2.6 I will assume you mean an APM 2.6.
Be sure you have loaded firmware version 3.2.1 which is the last compatible version for APM hardware.

Use the “Initial Setup/Mandatory Items/Compass” screen so you don’t have to keep working through the wizard.
Make sure you have NO magnetic interference around you, no power cables overhead or under ground, water pipes will do it too, away from tin sheds, etc.
In the Manual calibration screen turn off “Auto complete”.
If you get failed attempts quit Mission Planner and restart it.

Hope that helps.

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please try MP beta.
help > update beta

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I have the same problem using a PX4 mini.

Oh my…, I totally forgot to reply to you!
However updating to the beta did the trick for me :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot!

Sorry for not replyong anytime sooner…
After updating to the beta version I was finally able to calibrate, and thanks to your useful steps I managed to complete it without any problems :slight_smile: thanks!