Problem With Automatic


I’m triying to setup the auto mode, I went to flight plan, program some waypoints, but when I activated the automatic guiding, the rover starts to move randomly through the are.

Could be some problem about altitude?

Any suggetions what I’m doing wrong?


Did you follow the tuning guide for ardurover?

It is very unlikely that your rover will work without a bit of tuning, since every vehicle is different.


Yes I did but the problem is the same.

The problem seems to be as if the rover can’t find its home point and start working

IT’s very strange



Hi Eduard,

Can you provide a dataflash log? A logfile is the best way to dig into these problems.

Hi @rmackay9

See attached the zipped recent pilot logs

Thank’s for your help again (27.1 KB)


The logs seem to be corrupted. They are simply full of NULL values. Not sure how that happened but can you try to download them again? Alternatively try taking out the SD card and you should find them in an APM directory.

Have you successfully driver the vehicle around in MANUAL mode? If “yes”, then I would next try driving it around in Acro and/or Steering modes. Only after those are working try moving onto Auto.

Hi @rmackay9

Yes, the files where downloaded directly from the sd. See attached the previous logs from day before.

Yes, the Rover works perfect on manual mode. The transmiter is a Futaba is a T3PV, only 3 channels. I have a switch on channel 8 (if I’m not wrong) to change from manual to AUTO, but when I changed nothing happens. If I put the rover in auto mode from the mission control, then the rover start to move but randomly.

Thank’s (25.4 KB) (35.7 KB) (426.7 KB)

I’m afraid all these files are simply full of NULL as well. I can’t explain what’s going wrong, perhaps try downloading the files using a USB cable and mission planner (Flight Data >> Dataflash Logs tab on bottom, “Download Dataflash Log via mavlink”).


I tried to do it, but the log file is corrupt. What do you think? Do I reinstall the firmware? and setup from zero again?



Ok, perhaps it’s a bad SD card. Maybe try replacing it and see if it works.