Problem with all apm and gps mode loiter

Hello everyone who uses APM flight controllers

It turns out that after 1 month or some more time

I use APM some with internal compass and others without internal compass, it turns out that when I mount all the drones with APM and any GPs like 6m, 7m or 8m and upload the fimeware for example 3.1.5 or 3.2.1 or even other versions including the last one , I do the wizard normally as every year is done successfully, because after the wizard, calibrate compass again with the option Apm with external compass, rotation 180, and calibrate with success the compass.

After calibrating my compass successfully, I make the changes in

Angle_max 3500
Arm_check 0
Mod_spin 0

Calibrate the flysky i6a or i6b 10ch or 6ch correctly and minimum channels, then connect my battery and calibrate the motors and drives.

Once done all this I test the dron and detach in STABILIZED mode, once I check the hdop is between 1.0 to 1.5 and satellites captured between 5 and 15 satellites active mode loiter, and the dron ascends at full speed, suddenly brakes and descends progressively , Then the dron moves to one side and another very unstable, and suddenly sometimes does not always disconnect in mid-flight and goes against the ground without possibility to switch to manual mode and control it.

E tested in changing many GPS of different categories like 6m, 7m, 8m including gps 8m radiolink diamond, everything

You will need to post a log from the APM for anyone to see what is happening during these tests.

La solución es dejar de usar APM y pasar a Pixhawk…Los q tengan APM a joderse.

La pixhawk su precio es 49€ y apm 20€

Lo interprete mal…los que tenemos apm nos jodemos,jajaja.
Lo que quieren es que compremos la Pixhawk es lo que hay…jajaja
Yo tire la apm2.8 pero me pase a Naza m v2. y todo solucionado.