Problem whith osd in pixhawk 2.4.8

I don’t know if i writing in right category.
When telemetry is connected with pixhawk, the osd has interference and the video in the monitor is flashing.
If reconnect the telemetry from the pixhawk the video is ok.
Can anyone help me?

You will need to give some details.
What OSD are you using.
What cameras.
How do yo have the OSD conencted.

Thanks for the answer.
The osd is this
I have tried and the radiolink mini osd and again the some problem.
The camera is

I have tired all the connections without solving the problem.
The video is ok only if I remove the telemetry module or remove the osd or disconnect for osd the 4 cable(gnd,5v,tx,rx) from pixhawk.
I think I have interference in the osd through these 4 cables(and,5v,tx,rx).

are you powering it from the flight controller…if so you should change that and give it independent power if you can. Some OSD are power hogs and the flight controllers don’t like the extra demand.

I have tried to power the osd on the other side with 12v directly from the bec.
From the pixhawk I had connected only the gnd ant tx.
Again the some problem.
If disconnect the gnd and tx the video is ok.
I tried to pass the cables gnd and tx trough it ferrite choke, the problem was smaller But it still existed.