Problem updating to 4.07

For the life of me I can’t update the firmware! It pauses at reading hex file reboots the autopilot and sits for a while scanning ports then errors with “no response from board”. It will upload on QGC, which I never use.

Pixhawk cube black
Latest Mission Planner beta
Window 10

Com port is good. uninstalled and re installed Mission planner. Tried different cables. The cube has no issues connecting to mission planner though. Ideas? Thanks!

I am not completely confident in this, but I believe when I recently had the same trouble I did a Bootloader Update (from same MP firmware page) and that fixed my problem. That was with a Pixhawk 2.4.8 that had not been used in a while.

I always upgrade any board with QGC (not meaning that MP doesn’t work). If it does not recognize the board, you can always download the .apj file and use custom file option. It is easy and reliable.

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