Problem to fix my APM 2.8 and GPS

Hi, I am mounting my Copter with an APM 2.8, Turnigy 9x and a GPS NEO 6M. I’m trying to set it up but I get 2 errors when I try to calibrate it.

–> The first one is when I try to calibrate my GPS. Last month it worked but I had to reinstall MP on my computer and now when I’m doing the calibration in MP, an error show up: Calibration failed #1. I’ve read that it is a problem with an update of MP but I am not sure because I’m using the latest version of MP (1.3.44 build 1.1.6240.11550). How can I repair it?

–> The second problem is when I try to calibrate my ESC. I’ve done the process to calibrate it (conect lipo with throttle at max, disconnect and connect it again) and it works. My motors spin but they start not at the same time. The ones that rotate clockwise start before the other ones. How can I calibrate them?. And another problem with my ESC is that they don’t move if I am not start my copter in the calibration mode.

I need help!
Thanks a lot!!


Your esc are oneshot?

I’m pretty sure they are not but not 100%. They are Simonk 30A and this feature I think is newer as my ESC. Is this a problem?