Problem setup DroidPlanner (Tower version) on Android Studio

I download DroidPlanner from here:
and i follow the setup guide: … oid-Studio
but after i import droidplanner project, in message gradle sync box there are 2 errors in Tower-develop\Android\build.gradle:

Error:(13, 13) Failed to resolve: com.o3dr:3dr-services-lib:2.2.17
Line in file: compile ‘com.o3dr:3dr-services-lib:2.2.17’

Error:(6, 13) Failed to resolve: com.sothree.slidinguppanel:library:2.0.2
Line in file: compile ‘com.sothree.slidinguppanel:library:2.0.2’

And almost methods can’t resolve in many java files.
I use Android Studio 1.1.0 and i have searched for many solution but there isn’t so i hope someone can help me to solve this. Thks a lot.

I solved this problem. Just clean project and everything is ok so this topic is closed