Problem RM3100 Support with latest DEV Version on orange Cube


we have a problem with 2 drones using the RM3100 Compass with latest DEV Firmware.

  1. We use on both the orange cube and because of the parameter reset problem, we use the latest DEV Firmware
  2. The RM3100 gets not detected as such,
    With the 4.03 Firmware, it does
  3. When we try to calibrate the compass, we get after a while always the error message
    Mag(0) bad radius 6xx expected 4xx

Is there something we are missing? Here is also our parameters
Profile Orange.param (18.2 KB)
4. With the 4.03 Firmware, the calibration does work fine.

Hope someone can have a look at the parameters.

I know something new was introduced in 4-dev:

maybe has something to do with it. Tridge merged a bit “controversial” fix. Since, supposedly, it fixes a calibration issue, maybe is related.

Thank you for the information, I think this is related.


I checked the compass scale on another drone with black cube and rm3100, it was 1.009884. And worked fine for the last 2-3 month.

Anything we are doing wrong on the new Dev firmware?

I’ve opened a PR against MissionPlanner to fix this:

that is strange. Can you post a LOG_DISABLED=1 onboard log showing the calibration failing?

Hi @tridge thx for the feedback, you can find the log here