Problem pixhawk Rover

I have a boat with mounted a pixhawk 2.4.8 and firmware 4.0.0, two motors without rudder, two Quickrun 1060 esc and FlySky FS-i6X remote control. I have a strange problem, when I turn it on often the boat starts with the engines not calibrated and on the contrary. In fact, the motors start without having touched the remote control. I have to turn the boat off and on again until it starts properly. Can anyone help me? Thank you.

Is the transmitter on and the throttle at neutral when you power the ESC?

Yes transmitter on and throttle in neutral. Thanks.

I suppose they are in Forward\Reverse mode if it’s working eventually? Call

Yes Forward\Reverse mode.

Increase throttle dead zone.

ok I’ll try. Thank you!

Can you give a tip or 2 on this?
I have a skid steer rover and get a bit of movement in the left motor. Usually doesnt cause movement except on blocks but I would like to be able to tune it out.
Is this done on the transmitter or in MP?

RCx_DZ: RC dead-zone
PWM dead zone in microseconds around trim or bottom
(x: your throttle channel (3 for drone/plane/helicopter transmitters, 2 for 2|3 channels transmitters)).

First, increase it heavily in MP to get a feeling of it.
Normally 30-50.

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