Problem on PID Parameter setting with Mission Planner for Tricopter

Dear all,

Today I discovered something like this.

In the extended tune settings of Mission Planner
I tried to set Stab Yaw kP.

For example, if you set Min as 1 and Max as 8, and set 6ch to max then write, the Stab Yaw kP was set to 0.008.

So, when I set Min to 1000 and Max to 8000, it was set to 8.

And for Rate Yaw kP, it was set as 1 only.

What happen?

Update Mission Planner to latest Beta from the Help screen.

Thank you.

Unfortunately, I tried with beta MissionPlanner,
It was same.

I’ll check again.

I didn’t have a problem with that same configuration but you can always use the Full Parameter list to set the parameters.