Problem of Downloading firmwares via MP after update

Hello there,

after update mission planner, on Install Firmware tab i have an error always saying:

there was an unexpected error.

So im not able to instal any firmware on my pixhawk.

Any ideas?


Solution to the problem…

APM Planner or QGround Control and never again Mission Planner!

Suppor here sucks.

please report the error message that appears under details.

This is the error in detail.


do you not have an internet connection? when connecting?

also check that you allowed Misison planner through your firewall.


about internet only 120mbps :slight_smile:

Previous versions working. So i beleive is not firewall related.
I try the program in my laptop also.(no firewall there)Same problem.


the error message is saying that the connection was closed, by something else. MP didn’t close the connection, something else did. I have no way of tracking why/what caused it.

Any way thanks for your help!
As i say i found the other two software’s much better than MP.

Same problem. I’ve downgraded to previous version and all Ok.

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