Problem monitoring Mission using MISSION_CURRENT and MISSION_ITEM_REACHED

Trying to monitor mission progress with MISSION_CURRENT and MISSION_ITEM_REACHED but not getting expected results.

I have a mission that included a waypoint, a DO_DIGICAM_CONFIGURE, and a DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL Item in succession. MISSION_CURRENT and MISSION_ITEM_REACHED will report the waypoints on either side of those items but not the DO commands. I thought it might be a timing issue but even bumping the message interval up to 60Hz doesn’t change the output.

I realize these items are different types of commands but shouldn’t the system report them as well?


Hey, having this same issue. Are you using Copter firmware as well? I can read “MISSION_CURRENT” messages using Plane, but not Copter. Have you found a solution?