Problem loading APSYNC/RealSense D435 image (from Ardupilot) onto the Up Squared Board

Hello! Note: I am a certified newby on the Up Squared board. I am following this wiki on how to
install the D435 image onto a newly purchased Up Squared board:

I have carefully followed the instructions. Specifically, I am using tuxboot to load clonezilla onto a bootdisk (USB stick). Then I boot the Up Squared with the clonezilla boot USB stick and install (using a separate USB stick) the Ubuntu/Realsense D435 image. The installation appears to go OK but when I remove both USB sticks and reboot the Up Squared I am greeted with the EFI Shell instead of Ubuntu. Thats the bottom line. I have tried the installation many times with both images provided always I end up in the UEFI shell.

After reading the UP SQUARED forum, they do note that the hard drive in the bios boot order (F7) screen should say Ubuntu next to the listed harddrive. It does not in my case. I am completely stuck.

I have been reading in the UP SQUARED forum and there seems to be a problem with poor soldering on the EEMC thus not allowing an OS to be properly installed. PERHAPS this is the case here?? or maybe there is just something simple I am doing wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Bios Identifier: UP APL01 R.1 (UPA1AM61) (08/12/2021)

Attempted: Using tuxboot using both:
“clonezilla live stable”
“clonezilla live alternative”

Attempted: Loading the following images using clonezilla:)