Problem left steering tank ardurover 3.5.1

I have a problem with the pixhawk controller’s output signal. the rover is set with channels 1 and 3 with 73 74. everything works correctly, except the steering to the left from a standstill (I disabled the GPS and I have no signs whatsoever on problems).
on the movie you can understand better. I think it’s a problem of code, I did various tests to change the settings and read various posts but I couldn’t solve!
I thank you now for the help !!!

to see the video download from

(it’s on my home NAS)

Hi there. I don’t really understand what the issue is but the issue is most likely to do with either the RC input setup or the Servo output setup.

I think it would be good to test the motor outputs using Mission Planner’s Motor Test page.

I apologize, I explained to myself little.
from engine test page it works correctly. my problem is only in the servo exit when I go to steer left from standstill. in movement (apart from those sometimes jerked) it works regularly. from stop to right, it rotates at a fixed point. left no.
I see that turning the stick to the right the output signals of the servos shifted towards the 1800, while if I turn to the left I have no signal output from the pixhawk card, the output signal remains at half on 1400.
by radio, however, the channels move correctly. I use a hitec aurora 9 radio with flysky delta 8 receiver in cppm mode for signal transmission.

I guess the vehicle is in Manual mode?

It might be good to check RC1_TRIM and RC3_TRIM. both should be about 1500.

I think a dataflash log will help us look into this further

hi and I apologize, for the log I still can’t get it from the pixahwk (it doesn’t allow me to disarm and then to download the log, but this will look as soon as I have time before asking).
i trims both from MP and from riadio are correct. in fact the rover remains stationary.
the only thing I noticed is that in the status screen on the ch3percent if I played on the left a signal 65000 appears, not 100 as if done on the right.
lgire tank as it transmits to engines? Let me explain better, I see all the channels moving correctly when I move the sticks, but not when I turn to the left.

as soon as possible send the logs if they can help.
ps I use manual mode


That 65000 you are seeing may be a problem with Mission Planner. I run a boat, non differential most of the time, and I have noticed moving forward ch3percent gives me the proper value. If I back up, moving in reverse, I get the 65000 number. Actually it may be 65536. Which is 2 to the power of something. 16? And I don’t recall it mattering how much reverse I give it. I get the 65536 number any time in reverse throttle.

Maybe the PILOT_STEER_TYPE parameter has been changed from it’s default of “0”. There is a description here but mostly users want normally steering and throttle which means the parameter should be set to 0.