Problem in pid tune in acro mode

today i tune my differential thrust boat with rover3.3 firmware.

  1. I set the cruise speed and throttle successfully. (in mannul mode, and use the rc7 switch to learn cruise, every thing is wonderful)
    2*. I want to tune the speed 2 throttle PID, then i change to acro mode from mannul mode. everything is ok in mannul mode, but in acro mode the boat goes automaticly and crazy, i didn’t do anything, the throttle is 0, and the steering stick is in the centor. when i return to mannul mode, it quiet down and motionless.*

#my suspect : does it possible in mannul mode the left stick is steer and right is throttle, but in acro mode it changes, the left stick becames throttle and the right is steer?#

___hellow every one, it’s my mistake, I plug the rc1 and rc3 exchange, and now everything goes well
______the problem now is settle

Why do you use an outdated version of arduboat?

we write a sensor driver to ourself made sensor for the old version(rover3.3), it works well, so i do want to use the lastest version , the transplant of the driver maybe difficult

Before you tune anything you have to make sure the basics work.
The way I do it with my differential steering rovers is to make sure both motors/sides go forwards with PWM values above 1500us and backwards with lower values.
This usually means no channels on my transmitter or in ardurover need to be reversed. I also set all RC_MAP parameters, so I can control throttle/steering with the right stick (Mode 2 TX) and I use the left stick for gimbal control.
Then I set PILOT_STEER_TYPE to the value I need.
Depending on how big the rover is, I test acro mode reaction, by lifting the rover up and yaw it by hand. I then set RAT P to a value where I get a slight reaction by the wheels while turning the rover. This way I can be sure the rover does not go crazy, when I start to tune it and that acro mode actually works against the yaw movement not with it (should not be the case, with motor/PWM setup mentioned above).

here is the problem vedio , in the acro mode, zero throttle and steering , it moves automaticlly.

and in the mannul mode , zero throttle and steering , the propeller is static.

here is the logs

really need your help thanks very much

and the parameters is here:

hi. were you able to get this resolved? i’m having the samer issue with my boat :frowning: