Problem in Params with Compiled Copter 3.5.5

I tried to compile Copter 3.5.5 for traditional Heli under Windows Eclipse and couldn’t make it to work. I’ve setup the project per APM website instruction created a project with existing code with makefile. When I use the firmware downloaded from APM site, I can see the full list of Heli related params. When I used my own compiled firmware, I don’t see them. It seems like the param was not set correctly or the file from Github is not really the one used to compile the master. Is there anyone can direct me to which file I need to change/update? The reason I cannot use the AC 3.5.5 firmware is that I am design a new frame so I need the flexibility to modify the code.

In the picture, the left is the param from master, and the right is my compiled firmware. H and IM are missing.

Any help is appreciated!

When you compiled the firmware, did you use “make px4-v2-heli”. This compiles for pixhawk 1 for a heli frame.

I’m not sure how supported make will be for compiling the code. I’m using a VM running Linux on a windows 10 Machine. Then I am using waf to compile. In this case it compiles both the multicopter and heli firmware.

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That is it! If I am going to compile Heli_Dual, do I use make px4-v2-dual?


no i think it would be “make px4-v2-heli” They have changed the code that you have to use the FRAME_CLASS parameter to set the various heli frames. 6 is trad heli, 11 is dual heli and 13 is quadheli