Problem in mission executing

an auto mission was uploaded to the rotor on which first point action was take off to 60 m the bird didnot reach to the height of 60m and on reaching at 6 m height the bird turn to WP 2 and crashed in tree kindly tell me some one about the reason please t-log is attach with
2022-10-06 02-23-12.tlog (700.8 KB)

please reply some one of problem above mentioned i m waiting

The copter immediately heads for the waypoint 2, it’s first waypoint, before reaching altitude. This is standard behaviour - an altitude change will happen on the way to the next waypoint, and if the target altitude hasnt been reached the copter will stop at that waypoint and continue the altitude change until it is satisfied.
It would be best to put a waypoint 1 above the expected launch point, not a long distance away. This would allow the copter to clear buildings and trees before heading to waypoint 2.

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i have experienced it that what ever place on map the first way point is marked but the action is take off it takes off upto the desire altitude as given after reaching the desire altitude it move to next point but in above mentioned case the bird didnot reach the desire altitude and move to waypoint 2 results in crash

Always put a waypoint above your expected takeoff point to avoid the copter moving laterally before expected, at a height to clear nearby obstacles

Insufficient information provided to determine cause. Post a link to the .bin flight log and a screen shot of the Mission from the Plan screen in Mission Planner or the Waypoint file.

06-10-22 BADABER (857.3 KB)

i have post the bin and tlog file kindly see it and post