Problem in make ardupilot in windows

hi guys

i try to make ardupilot in windows from this link
but i got this err

any idea about my problem ?
i use pixhawk and ArduCopter

Do you have the latest Windows toolchain installed? Have you tried to do a make clean and then compiling again?

I think if you scroll up you will find that MAVLink header generation has failed.

As @OXINARF hints at - I believe this problem has been fixed in the most recent Windows toolchain.

Failing that, you can install the latest Python packages yourself;



My 2 cents… To don’t mess with any toolchain installation on Windows platform you can build it using Vagrant and VirtualBox.

  1. setup Vagrant VM using this
  2. vagrant up
  3. vagrant ssh
  4. cd ArduCopter
  5. make clean ; make px4-v2
  6. copy resulted image from Vagrant VM to your windows host

Unsure about current directory at step 4. You can check it with pwd command.