Problem in AUTO Mode

I have started doing some survey missions with my 1900mm skywalker.
I have encountered two problems.
1: when doing a survey the plane woud pass WP1-3 and when trying to pass WP 4 It would loop a couple of times then the plane proceeds to RTL/lointer around Home, but, the Mode is still on AUTO…?
Tried pressing “Reset Mission” and it would have the same behaviour

2: Tried a simple mission with 3 WP aprox 400m inbetween, the plane would jump to Loiter and back to Auto by itself?
No failsafes were engaged.
My WP-Radius was 25m and MAX WP Radius 50m.
I have now changed that to 60 resp 0m. Could it be that?

I use APM 2.6
Latest Mission Planner and latest FW

Please provide tlogs and/or dataflash logs to help troubleshoot your issue.

First one is the 1st problem, second file is when it changes between AUTO and Loiter.