Problem flashing the QioTek Zealot H743

This is a crosspost from the ArduPilot forum. The post is here: Cannot update QioTek Zealot H743 to ArduPlane 4.2.3 using standard options

Whether I use Mission Planner or QGroundControl, I can’t flash the latest 4.2.3 firmware on the Zealot H743 using the standard options. The only way to do it is to go into “All options” in Mission Planner and manually select “Plane”, “QioTek ZealotH743”, “4.2.3 Stable” - which is the same as the standard flash right? But if you do this manually it will work.

Please see the discussion in the other thread. What I’m seeing is that Mission Planner is reporting
ERROR: Firmware not suitable for this board fw:1024 - board 1036
But the firmware file board_id is 1036 (the correct value). I’m not sure I understand where mission planner is getting the 1024 from. I think QGC may have the same problem, but I haven’t looked at it’s code yet.

Perhaps you can put the µP in DFU mode (perhaps a small button somewhere, pressed when connecting the FC on its USB connector) and use ST utility DfuSe, which should be safe.

Upload… Choose…
(Connected Mateksys F405-Wing).

That’s not the issue. I can flash the board using “all options” but I should NOT NEED TO.

The problem right now is a normal user of this board cannot update to the new Stable version of the firmware (e.g. the just released 4.2.3) using the happy path in MP or QGC. The user should be able to plug in the board, click firmware upgrade and “latest stable”.

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Breaking news - this might be a Mac issue. I don’t have a Windows machine (except Parallels) to test it with, but @JasonSiu from QioTek tells me he has tried it and it works fine.

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