Problem drift no response and crash Please help


xaircraft 650 pro
gps + glonass
6S battery

The following happened last week.

I took off in loiter mode. After hoovering a minute or so I flew around a bit.
The suddenly on my android app I heard “mode land”.
The copter did not land but started to rise slowly.
I lowered the throttle to try to land but no reaction.
On my app the horizon was tilted around 45 degrees

After that I could not get real control over the copter anymore.

After a few minutes it crashed going down at an angle of about 45 degrees, just missing a tree.
Fortunately not much damage.

before this flight I had a few times an error “mode land” also.
I recalibrated the imu and compass before the last flight.

I hope someone can help me on the way to solve this issue.
Would really apreciate that

Kind regards,

Attached log file last flight
made a rar because too big as txt