Problem connection with Blue Robotics Ping sonar

Since 2 years I use Blue Robotics Ping sonar without problem.
My boat hasn’t sailed for about 9 months, I was surprised because the Sonar Range (on MP) remained at 0.
I buy another ping sonar because my 1st have strange value on TX (0.5 volt or 0).
I install new Ping Sonar and same problem Sonar Range at 0.

I test my old sonar on PC, impossible to connect.
I test new sonar on PC and it works perfectly.

Sonar is connect on Telem2 from my cube black (test with V4.0.0 and V4.1.5).
Param.param (14.7 KB)
Has anyone ever had this problem?

Best regards

I am currently facing the same issue, any update?