Problem connecting to RFD900A

Please help in finding a solution for the rfd900A. It cannot access the parameters and enter the system. I have tried all the solutions and advice and cannot find the solution. The situation remains stuck on the sentence (Getting params…) and does not enter the system.

Something is not correctly connected or configured.

Explain what connections you have made. Explain what ardupilot parameters have you set.

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The GND pin also needs to be connected otherwise the ground will “bounce”

Ehi guys,

I’m having a similar issue with the same RFD900A radiolink device. I need to connect it to a Mateksys H743 WLITE flight controller. I used UART1 port, which corresponds to serial 2, for the connection. I connected the 5V, GND, TX cable on PIN RX1, and RX cable on PIN TX1. On the serial port configuration page, I selected MAVLINK2 for serial 2 and enabled the inverted RX and inverted TX options. I kept the baudrate at 57K. When I power on the drone with the battery, the two RFD900A modules connect, solid green LED, but the Mavlink connection goes in times out. I can’t figure out why, it seems like I have everything set up correctly.

Any ideas?

Try turning off the “invert TX” and “Invert RX”. You shouldn’t need any serial options.

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By default it was enabled the mavlink 1 option on serial 1, corresponding to the UART 7 on my Mateksys. When I disabled it the mavlink 2 option start working on serial 2 that I used for the connection of Rfd900A.

It’s not necessary select any other serial options.

Thank you guys.