Problem connecting - multiple mavlink devices

I have a Pixhawk Lite (mavID: 1) and an AlceOSD (mavID: 200) connected in my Plane (running Plane 3.6 f/w)
On connecting MP to this setup over telemetry radio, I almost immediately get connected to the Pixhawk, I can see the underlaying HUD data being updated, but then MP is still trying to gain a connection with the OSD which it tries and eventually times out. Instead of just allowing the Pixhawk connection to remain usable, it then disconnects all devices, including the Pixhawk and I am left disconnected. So because of one problem device, I can not connect and use MP with Pixhawk.

Eventually after about 10 retries, I manage to get connected to both devices successfully and MP is then usable finally. My gripe here is that all it takes is one problem device to render MP unusable. Can the connection method please be reconsidered to improve connectivity in situations such as the above?

Cheers, Paul

if it works 1 in 10, then it sounds more like there is an issue with the traffic passing between the osd and mission planner.

can you provide a tlog of a connection attempt?

Michael, I think the root of the issue is the osd firmware. My question really is to do with the connection process in MP. Wondering why it insists on connecting to all devices it finds (or none at all if one device has issues)? So why not list the devices and allow the user to select which ones MP connects to - maybe device list with check boxes?
I also use QGroundControl and although this allows the connection, it does complain about lost connectivity to the osd (rather annoyingly very persistently) so it does suggest an underlying osd issue,but at least it retains the pix hawk connection.