Problem apm 2.6 quad flips when take off

hi there when i try to take of my quad flips over.
my setup is: apm 2.6 3.1.5 firmware
neo-6m gps
40a emax simonk firmware esc
1000kv motor
3s 2200mha battery

the motor 1 as you can see in video below spins a lot slow fro the others three and also motor 4 when i disarm the quad keeps spins very very slow (i can stop it with my hand) doesn’t spin again
see video below:

please help. the firmware is 3.1.5 i have calibrate all.

You have a problem with that motor or speed controller, check it all very carefully and please do this


hi there thank for your reply. the quad and all the parts was a present from my wife!!! i think she bought them from banggood!!!

all things works great from what i see i connect to mission planner and follow the wizard.

the log file is below…

when i connect the battery all the esc beeps and i arm the quad fine. when i throlle up the motor no.4 does not spin at all… i have to remove it from apm and reconect to work… i will upload a video to see what i mean…

i also try to erase the eeprom and load the 3.1.4 firmware dut still the same issues.

does anyone know what programming card is suitable for emax 40a simonk esc!
to try to program them the easy way!