Problem adding new parameters

I am adding some aerobatic routines to Arduplane, which is working OK., but I am having problems adding parameters to control it. I can add 3 g parameters, but if I add more or g2 parameters I get a variety of problems, from an inability to write the parameters, to a failure to boot. The code works OK in SITL, but not on PX4Pilot board. Any ideas?

can you point us at a branch on github with your code?
I’d also be interested to see your aerobatic work

I havn’t used Github ( apart from getting the original code). Do I need
to create a new repository, or a branch in the ardupilot repository?

The aerobatic code works reasonably, at present it does loops, rolls
eights and cuban eights, either by command from a switch on the
transmitter or from a mission command.

use the fork button on github to create a fork, then push your changes to a branch on your new repo.
There are lots of tutorials out there on using github

sounds interesting! Once you have it up in a github branch I can take a look

I have published my code to GitHub:


This was inspired by the python script at
The main code is in aerobatics.cpp.
3 new parameters in Parameters g
An addition to the scheduler.
A hook in do_parachute in commands_logic.cpp to trigger maneuvers in a mission.

This version works in SITL, but does not boot in a px4pilot.

I think it is some memory allocation problem, adding parameters gives a variety of problems:
no boot.
cannot write parameters
corrupts other parameters.

Just a few notes on using the aero routines:

You need to set acro locked mode.
If you want do use mission control you have to set bit 5 of AERO_CTRL_CHAN to 1 i.e. add 16 to the control channel.

To enable mission control the control channel has to go low e.g.1000 and then high 1900. Any maneuvers can be stopped by taking it low again. I used a python script to do this: