Printing my boat

Me waiting for it to finish the print :slight_smile:

Length: 1500mm
Wide: 800mm

Will post more pics when ready to test in water.


Wow, that’s a big printer! I have certainly never seen such a large 3D printed boat!

It prints objects 1500x1000x1000mm.
Prints about 1kg/hour.

Boat took around 28 hours to print, almost ready to go into water.

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Looking forward to see more pics!

Ready to mount power system and electronics on it.

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Very nice looking!
Which thruster will you plan to use with it?

2 x T200

From my calculation should be enough. I have seen videos of people powering a kayak with a person on board with 2 x T200. So if it is good for around 100 kg (kayak + person) should be ok for a 70kg boat.

Good choice. So you will not need a mechanical steering mechanism, just diff throttle.

That is what i planned, hope it’ll work good.

Please keep us updated… Would like to build something like that… Do you plan to share the stl files?

Don’t think will release stl files, but will help to what we can if you want to print your own.

Understood. Also any plan to sell it (maybe at a smaller scale)?

We are evaluating if we could produce to sell the following sizes of empty boat:

1 meter
1.2 meters
1.5 meters

At the moment we produced 2 twin boats for 2 customers that will use it with a wassp multi beam sonar. We produced them ready to go for customers.

Ready to go in the water :slight_smile:


Very nice looking! Can’t wait for the video in the water!

Test, everything went smooth as the water today :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing! Really a beauty!

Thank you very much.

Just a little update, we will probably update to T-500 thrusters, the T-200 on a 75kg boat are a bit underpowered.

From the graphs it looks like T-500 are way more efficent too, at same thrust level as the T-200 now to have 1 m/s, the T-500 consumes 45% less watts.

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