Printing Ardu#### documentation

I’m a new user, I’m hoping to use ArduRover to run an autonomous boat I’m building. I’m “old school” in that I’d like to print a hardcopy of the documentation - I may not have Internet access in the field. Is there somewhere on the internet a site that has a PDF of this material?

Nigel James, the wiki is very dynamic so any pdf output would be obsolete quickly, but it’s possible. The process to generate pdf is a bit involved and messy (basically re-generate the entire wiki with Sphinx using pdf output option instead of html, see also this documentation ) but possible, I did a year or so ago. Over 700 pages at the time, if I remember correctly.

I’ll try to do it again soon as time permits and will post here again.

Just an idea… Can the Wiki have a “print to PDF” link on each page? That way you only print the pages you need?

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Update: I found the files I mentioned, and posted them here.

Note that they are dated (April 2017).

This already works. Just click your browser’s Print button. The site is designed to present only the content page to the printer. so the nav bars on the left aren’t shown. Can choose to print to PDF if desired or printer

See image

While I do agree the the print function works fairly well, it takes up a lot of paper. I have had better luck copying and pasting into a rich text editor like MS Word. I don’t know how much this can be improved, but I also find it very helpful to have paper documentation at the field rather than relying on internet connection or prefetched webpages.

text version? :smiley:


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This works fine, but only does a section at a time.

Yeah I get that, but I can’t really think someone would really have a need to print the entire AP manual of a platform into book form. Heck the parameters chapter alone would be hundreds of pages. :slight_smile:

Unless someone is trying to makea Ardupilot for dummies. Lol at which case I’m a prime customer

For bedtime reading, you know … Nothing like it as far as cliff-hangers are concerned! :slight_smile:

But seriously, printing to paper not necessarily, but having the whole pdf available when Internet connection is not available, say in the field, may be useful for some.

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Hi. I am also interested in being able to print sections to a pdf for actual printing or off line reference. Unfortunately the top line of each page gets covered by a reprint of the menu bar on every page. Attached pdf shows issue. This happen in Firefox and Chrome so not browser specific. It would be great if somebody could fix this.
Thank youWiki PDF Demo.pdf (363.7 KB)