Printable gimbal offered - Sony A5000 +

Free to download. This gimbal has been working successfully on a few of my drones. Its a bit hardware specific but can probably be modified. I strongly recommend using encoders on the gimbal motors (ipower 4008). It will probably be ok with A6000 - not tried.


Is the camera just on time lapse? How do you like Herelink? I’m thinking of adding to a boat.

Sorry late reply David. Camera can be set up for anything, pics vid etc, via the seagul #rec unit. Its great that the herelink combines RC,vid and telemetry but the beta version is very limiting for camera control hence I have to find ‘work arounds’ until the new firmware is released.

Since I posted I have added Herelink, Seagull 2 with a multi cable, and an old Sony 5100 to the boat. I’ll try the Seagull #rec maybe in the future with a 6400 Sony . I’m able to turn the camera on and off, trigger the shutter and use it for FPV for photo framing.