Primary Gyro switch to IMU 2 [Solved]

I’ve been trying to set a notch filter and things weren’t going as well as I expected (not bad, just not textbook on what should be a textbook build). I finally realized that the FC was switching to IMU/Gyro 2 as primary and I was only logging on 1. (I’ll be logging all IMUs now)

Why is IMU 2 becoming the primary? I’ve been playing with it and I notice if it switches, it does so before initial arming, so it’s not a vibration or flight issue.

Is it an issue or a warning sign of a coming issue?

Cube Orange. AC4.4.4 with BDshot. EDU-450 airframe. 4S.
I have done a temperature calibration.

AFAIK on CubeOrange IMU2 is the primary per default.

I think this is the PR and related discussion - has been the case since early in the 4.3 release cycle.

AP_HAL_ChibiOS: swap order of ICM20602 and ICM20948_ext on CubeOrange by bugobliterator · Pull Request #22138 · ArduPilot/ardupilot (


Thanks @Yuri_Rage for finding it.

@Yuri_Rage @amilcarlucas Thanks guys! Haven’t done a Cube Orange build in a while so this totally escaped me. I noticed in the PR that the Orange Plus isn’t affected (another reason why I’ve missed this). Now back to methodically tuning.