Price of Cube Orange autopilots

Is it just me or has the price of autopilots and the accessories like HERE2/3’s just went WAY up?? What I bought for about $500 now cost $850.

I was under the impression that the prices were fixed at $250 for a Cube Orange via licensing agreement…

Here is an example, this WAS $250.

Example 2…$938

$670 Cube Orange.

$485 Cube Orange.

Hi Chad,
It’s not just you…
In France, prices have doubled.
I bought many Orange Cubes for €180 in 2020, and I paid 350€ for the exact same Cube last month.

I actually asked Philip about this a few months back, after realising that the price of a Cube Orange had literally doubled in the ~2 years since I’d bought one. It simply comes down to the skyrocketing prices & availability issues of ICs. When they can even get hold of STM32H753 they are having to pay inordinate amounts for them.

Right now their main focus must be on maintaining availability of autopilots for partners that need them to continue running their operations & can absorb the extra cost. A few hundred dollars more on an autopilot isn’t much for a $10k+ aircraft that’s part of a much more expensive SLA.