Prevent RTH from Battery Failsafe (Indoor)

Hi guys, let say i’m forget to disable Battery FS when i flown indoor
and then when in a mid of flight then battery FS get triggered
is the quad would be climb (doing RTH) even there is no GPS LOCK at that time (because i play indoor) or what would the quad behave with that FS?

Thanks in advance !!

Please disable BATTERY_FS parameter while flying indoors. It is your responsibility to do so.
The quad will not do anything if you disable it.

FS_BATT_ENABLE will allow you to define what happens in an event of a battery fail-safe.

But this is still a good question. I can’t find in documentation what will be the behavior in that case.
Will it just stay in current fly mode or land?

Ah I see here
It will land

From my experience I can tell that it landed 9 of 10 times. As I didn’t know better.
10th time it crashed into the ceiling.
I’m not quite sure if it got GPS lock by accident indoors, or what happened, but I changed settings for just land.

ah thank you for all of you, i can’t wait for the answer :slight_smile:
so i decided to testing it my self
yes you all right…it just “LAND” :slight_smile:

BTW not directly related to the topic question but I thought - what will happen if you’re in RTL mode (copter flying home) and GPS signal lost?
Will that casue a fly-away?

I think your test was not representive, as your copter didn’t leave the launch position. Where should it return to?
I think I read somewhere that it will anyway just land if it is not out of ?5m? radius from launch.

@sergbokh definitely “Unknown” behaviour, i wont testing it with on that case :lol

@Tommy1605 how FC know how far from home location, GPS wasn’t LOCK :slight_smile:
so yes i thought it will be the same with my method like on that video :slight_smile:

I’m about that it could be a safety issue in the firmware. If a copter cannot return because of bad positioning then it is better to land instead of fly-away.