Prevent arming without GPS fix

In Plane, the system refuses to arm without a GPS fix in all modes, including manual. In Rover, I seem to be able to arm with or without valid GPS location. I tried setting ARMING_CHECK=9 (ALL | GPS_lock) but the systems still arms without GPS. How I can force Rover to wait for GPS fix before arming?

set it to 1 to enable all arming checks.

Thank you, @geofrancis. 1 is the default, and allows arming in manual without GPS lock. 9 is 1 ORed with GPS_lock, like belt and suspenders.

9 is kind of a useless value. It’s not wrong, per se, but it adds nothing over simply setting 1. To use your clothing analogy, it’s more like “belt and meaningless lapel pin.”

Try enabling fences. That’s the usual fix on Copter platforms for the same concern. You don’t have to specify or upload any fences. But the mere act of enabling them forces a position check before arming.

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I know. I just tried it for completeness. Thank you for the fences idea.

The FENCE has that effect. It prevents arming until there is GPS 3D fix and Home can be set.
If you set FENCE_ENABLE,0 then you can arm in modes that are not GPS-assisted at any time.
Personally I much prefer FENCE_ENABLE,1 and wait, knowing that you have a good home position and GPS is going to work, before you get in the air and discover GPS is still not working.

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