Pressure altitude to feet or meters

Currently I am running 2.0.14 on my Macbook Pro, and I would like to add the pressure altitude to the info view as feet or meters, and not has mb i.e.: 1013… etc… Is there anyway I can do that?

This chart gives you mb to feet conversion, but I am not sure why this is needed as the altitude is already reported from the same sensor giving you mb.

Which item is it? I have Altitude (GPS) and Altitude (REL) (m) which Im assuming are both GPS numbers. The only item I see is “press_abs (float)” Which is pressure based however in millibars.

The Altitude (GPS) should read Abs. Its a combintion of GPS and Barometer.

What’s your requirement? I.e. What Are you expecting the advatange of pure baro pressure converted to feet or metres?

Perhaps, It’s because it is sitting inside my apartment with less than perfect satellite signal but the GPS number just keeps jumping up and down and doesn’t seem as stable as pure baro pressure altitude.

I would suggest going outside, and checking for stability of altitude and GPS. Not much can be inferred from being indoors.

Work is currently being done to disable GPS readings while indoors ie. an indoor mode, this probably will be in AC3.3