PreFlight: Odd readings for Telemetry Signals and Battery Level

I am not sure why these two are red. I am sure I am doing something wrong, I just can’t quite figure out what that is…

  • The radios are communicating OK, and I am connected to the UAV remotely through the radio
  • The battery is a 4s battery, not full, but I see no reason why the pre-flight check on the batt would fail for 15.3V, especially on the bench :slight_smile:

Any thoughts on this? Thanks!

@meee1, can I leave you to handle this question? I think this is really an MP question and is not related to the 4.1 release.

for the battery, click edit, and adjust the min voltage. the default is 22v

as for the telemetry signal. i think i need some more context, what did the hud % say at this time?

@Michael_Oborne Thank you, editing the voltage did the trick. I did not realize that the lower limit was set for larger/6s batteries by default. Again, sorry about the newbie questions…

As far as the telemetry signal goes: I don’t know what that was about. I restarted the FC and MP a couple of times, and it’s now showing 100%, in green.