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Preflight check of Gas Engine & Flt. contols for VTOL plane

VTOL fixed wing generic standard airframe
4 electric motors for takeoff and landing
1 Gas engine for cruise
cube black controller

I need help with testing Flight controls and Gas Engine in airplane mode. I was able to test all motors for proper rotation and response to attitude. when I try to switch to airplane mode using transition button, I only get response from ailerons but not from elevator or rudder to the change of attitude. my other issue is how to control the gas engine on ground for testing purposes (Throttle servo is connected to AUX 5 channel).
if you need any further info let me know. your help is much appreciated

You can switch Mode to Manual and control the gas pusher motor without the VTOL motors, you’ll need to ARM the aircraft for this to work.
Second option is switch to FBWA mode and change AUX 5 parameter to RC Passthru. This will give you direct control over throttle servo without having to ARM the aircraft.

it is dangous switch to FBWA mode from any Q-xxx mode on ground after armed,the copter rotor will start spining.FC surpose the plane need copter running avoid crash.

Right, as I mentioned, don’t ARM the aircraft while in FBWA mode. No need to if you have RC Passthru selected on your throttle channel.
Please practice this on the ground with VTOL props removed first to make sure you get the procedure down.

Thank you Kyle for your help. I will try it first with props removed and let you know.

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