PreFlight - Check Board Voltage

I’ve only had my Iris for a couple of weeks, flown it twice. This last go around the battery went low so I went to land it. The terrain I had to land on is a little rough (road being torn up and rebuilt) which caused the iris to roll on land. Now when I turn it on the iris fails to arm and looking at the logs it says “Check board voltage” as the preflight fail point. Per 3DR’s suggestions I reset it to rover code and then reloaded it with the copter firmware and applied the default iris+gimbal frame. The error is still there. Does this check need to be performed? Isn’t an iris pixhawk the same as the px4? According to the ardupilot page the PX4 doesn’t check board voltage? When I look at it while on full battery via telemetry modules the hwvoltage variable is at 3.957 and boardvoltage is at 0.

Am I missing something? The power board doesn’t look damaged at all. I’ve disconnected the gimbal thinking maybe it was a problem with too much load but still have the problem.

Looks like iris is going back and they’ll look at it. Not too thrilled about the 2-3 week turn around for this to be fixed.