Preflight Calibration as RC Option?

Would it be possible to get preflight calibration as an rc option?

I’m still fighting a leaning issue on all my small copters. Not sure what causes it, but as soon as I power the motors, the gyro gets a positive offset of about .04 (The line in IMU_GX is no longer centered on zero, but just above it), and the copter leans. If I land, it slowly goes back to zero over the course of several minutes. BUT, I just discovered that I can take off and hover for a couple seconds. Land and immediately do the preflight calibration from the “actions” tab in MP, and my copter is fine for the rest of the flight. In the logs, the gyro stays centered on the new zero. (or at least, close enough to not cause leaning).

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It’s certainly possible, getting it done is probably more a question of priorities and developer time. There’s an issue for it here on the issue list. It’s not all that difficult a piece of development to add an option to calibrate the gyros from an auxiliary switch.

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Thanks a lot! I was curious if others were interested, and apparently a few of us are.
My issue is weird… it’s not temperature… but having power applied to the motors immediately causes the offset. So, simply warming up and then rebooting or recalibrating before flying doesn’t help.

Anyway, I understand it’s not a priority. If no one gets to it and this issue bothers me enough, I might dig in to see if I can figure it out. I haven’t programmed in about 20 years, but know the basics. I’d imagine I can figure out what’s going on by looking at the other rc options.

Also, I saw the github thread, and rc transmitter scripts would be fine if that’s the direction people think it should go.