Prefetch Question

Is it normal for a prefetch session to run for hours on end? I have been trying to down load a section of map at 16 zoom and it has been downloading for over 12 hours. Is there a better method to have actual mapping at the fly site where wifi is not an option?

I have used prefetch quite often, particularly in mountainous areas here. You don’t have to download all the tiles, before you start check the maximum zoom (out) detail you want. When the progress bar gets to one level above that, you can just stop the process and you will have all the necessary information you need. A word of caution, sometimes when I arrive at the site i’m anticipating, I find for various reasons I can’t fly (or land) exactly there. I always prefetch to a wider area, so that I can modify my flying and home zones slightly.

How do you check your current zoom level? I’ve never seen a zoom level identified on screen outside the prefetch window.

zoomlevel is displayed on flightdata