Prefetch map in mp

I’m still confused about prefetching maps when no internet connection is available.
Can i just plug in longitude and latitude coordinates into mp?

prefetch map is for you to prefetch the data while you have internet. so you can use it when you don’t have internet.

Thanks Michael;
How do I load map of area I want to fly in? Do I use google maps coordinates and load those and then do a prefetch of interest?

I usually create a polygon in google earth (usually sent by a customer) and then save it as a kml. Then in MP, under map tools select kml overlay. Once I have to overlay I’ll go back to maptools and prefetch that area. Now when you’re on site without internet, you’ll have the sat imagery. You’ll also have SRTM vertical data if you want to check a flight plan elevation path. Note there’s not Google Earth data used when you’re off line, only SRTM. SRTM is way better anywarys, GE is averaged.