Preferred Emergency Measures? Land or Parachute?

Like to ask you an opinion questions.
For an example where a drone has parachute. In the event of emergency for instance when you run auto missions and experience lost of GPS and you are not able to gain good control of the drone. The drone is still having a functional compass.

Do you prefer to set it to launch parachute or would you set it to land mode and land?

Considering both would still be subjected to wind.
Parachute would cut off motors but assume it might have more disruption in a urban area.

Do let me know what you think is better and why?

You have to value many factors… risks and the environment.
You cannot predict a failure but you can value what’s the best options just in case can happen…
A good parachute can
a well built parachute can help cushion the fall… but also an emergency land using the backup mag can help… there are pros and cons

Urban or rural? Plane or multi-rotor? Expensive, one-of-a-kind sensor on the bottom or just a FPV joy ride? Is the goal public safety or save the drone?

Both methods will work, but what’s best depends on the situation and mission.

In my honest opinion, public safety should always be number 1, even at the cost of most expensive vehicle and/or payload.

If a controlled emergency landing is possible, that would be the best way of course.

Coming down uncontrolled with a xx kilo drone at xx km/h can be fatal. Using a parachute will reduce the speed dramatically and therefore less likely to be fatal.

Yes absolutely agree, public safety should always first piority.

I just tested on simulator, realised in guided mode or auto mode. In the event that drone lost GPS, it will auto turn to land mode.

Please don’t misunderstand what I was saying. I agree with you. However, I have the fortune of doing testing in areas where the population density is basically zero people per square km for many 100’s of km around me. So I have the option to make choices that can prioritize the drone because there are no people around. (Public safety is assured.) I don’t know if the OP has the same ability so that’s why I asked. At least in my situation, and other peoples, the operational environment will play significantly in to those emergency planning decisions.