Precision loiter-landing

Hi guys, my frame is quadplane with 4 tilting motors and for landing I want to integrate precision loiter-landing feature with ROS, when I search about precision loiter-landing feature I guess it’s just for copter, is there any feature for arduplane to achieve same task?

AFAIK it is only available on github master branch and on the upcoming ArduPlane4.2.0 release

I am confusing that master branch and arduplane, does master have all the frames (plane,copter etc.) , right? then AFAIK are Arduplane releases part of the master?

The master branch is the development branch and at some point it will be forked to become the ArduPlane 4.2.0 release.
If you can not compile it from source code, following the instructions on the documentation, then you will need to wait for the official release.

Do not confuse vehicles with github branches. Those are different things!

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I really thanks a lot, I am beginner in that area. Any piece of info helps me. Thanks for time. :slight_smile: