Precision landing using IR-Lock issues

Hey there,

I’m having trouble to perform precision landing.
I’m flying 330 kit with Pixracer, IR-Lock, TFmini rangefinder.
I tried 2 diffrent versions - ArduCopter 3.50-rc4, ArduCopter 3.5.2.
Changed the PLND_EST_TYPE parameter but it seems it doesn’t effect

I did various tests of precision landing with the beacon and it seems that the vehicle navigate randomly.

I’m attaching one of my logs, as far I understand it - The IR-Lock and the rangefinder workes well and the Px and Py looks fain but it dosen’t navigate to the beacon.

I can really use some help.

Thanks, Gal.

Your RC1 channel is not centered and repositioning is allowed during land, no surprise it goes everywhere…

Thats not the issue, I calibrated the trim values and still having the same results - I’m attaching the log.

NEW RC1_TRIM - 1501
NEW RC2_TRIM - 1503
NEW RC4_TRIM - 1504

P.S.: I think the trim values were also OK before since I have managed to perform AUTO TUNE.

It was my fault:

I accidentally set PLND_CAM_POS_X = 20 and it was in meters… I guess it can cause problems.

It worked well on ArduCopter 3.5.2 but after returning back to ArduCopter 3.50-rc4 the presicion gone bad, anyone can tell what is the main diffrence in logic between the tow versions.

PLND_EST_TYPE set to 1 so there is no difference in that matter.

Could you make a photo of the sensor placement and perhaps a video of a
landing attempt ?