Precision Landing Not Working (using MAVLINK_MSG_ID_LANDING_TARGET)

Make sure your PLND_ parameters are correct. For MAVLink, PLND_TYPE = 1. If you are using the latest ArduCopter release and if you have set up everything correctly, on your GCS it should print something like “Target Detected”.

Once you have confirmed everything is working, just switch to mode land. It will automatically do a precision landing. You do not need to enable anything else

Thanks Rishab, will keep you posted. PLND is 1, target detected and target lost are printing on the hud. Precision loiter is on channel 7.

Will see what happens next.


@gmehta I would suggest actually keeping the precision loiter switch off. It’s not needed for precision landing. For the first time, if something goes wrong, you might want to recover using Loiter.

Hi Rishab,

I took off in stabilized mode, when marker was detected I switched to prec loiter by channel 7 and then land mode from radio, but no success.

I don’t see the uav centering on to marker at all. It detects it in the script as I can see rpi script running via ssh.

Any thoughts on this?



Precision loiter on ch7 shows as precloiter low, med and high on mavlink message depending on the position of the switch. Does it mean it’s activated all the time or i have to flip switch on any particular position

Hi. I followed the same steps as you, but in Mission Planner’s simulation, I couldn’t observe any change at the time of landing. The vertical descent continued. Did you do your tests during flight or did you use any simulation environment? Or any idea where I might be doing wrong? I would be very happy if you could help, thank you.