Precision Landing in SITL is not working


I’m trying to test precision landing in SITL. I am using Copter master branch (commit 10e8e8e9cc05c93cc6eb6a10be70d89e5d18b369) SITL on Ubuntu 16.04 x86_64 machine.

I followed this guide then PL params are appear in dataflash logs, however every data including PL.Heal stays at 0, so it looks something must be wrong.

PLND_ENABLED     1.000000
PLND_TYPE        4.000000

SIM_SONAR_SCALE  10.000000
RNGFND1_MAX_CM   5000.000000
RNGFND1_MIN_CM   0.000000
RNGFND1_PIN      0.000000
RNGFND1_SCALING  10.000000
RNGFND1_TYPE     1.000000
arm throttle
rc 3 1800
mode land

link to dataflash log

Could anyone spot a problem or give me some hints what else I can try? Thanks.

Hello, did you manage to overcome this? what happened?