Precision landing feedback via mavLink

is it now possible with the Ardupilot version 4.1.0 to get a feedback from the Pixhawk 4 via the MavLink interface if the precision landing beacon was successfully detected?
We have a microcontroller connected to the Pixhawk 4 via the serial port and can receive and send data, but I could not get the successful hooking of the uav into the precision landing process. It is important for our customer that the pilot does not have to recognize the “hooking” by himself, but that it is displayed by us. With the version 4.0.4 i tried to get the mavLink message LANDING_TARGET ( #149 ), but i guess its only for sending data to the Pixhawk 4?

Thanks in advance

Using AP or PX4? Trying to understand.

We are using a Pixhawk 4 with the Ardupilot firmware for a copter. I will edit my initial post. I thought PX4 is the Pixhawk 4 thanks.

I think i read somewhere that what you need has been pushed in dev version few days ago. Maybe make a little search, i think you will find it.

Same prob - any feedback if plnd is in safe operation from 4.1?