Precision land LUA support would be useful. - please add necessary data access

One useful script I would like to make is an option to automatically do a go-around in case of lost IR-Target with IR_lock.
For that - I discovered that LUA does not have access to information about target fix, or lidar altitude.

Hi @Andre-K , I have implemented this feature in Copter 4.2 Dev

I also plan to bring lua binding to Prec Land… its sitting in a local branch that I have forgotten about. I hope to get to it soon. I had added things like: LED notification on target loss, specific recovery loc if target is lost via lua etc

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@rishabsingh3003 Great ! - are you too using Pixy-IR - or some different system?

@Andre-K I sometimes use it as a test bed, although it doesn’t matter. As long as the system works with ArduPilot Prec Land Library, it will have the same features available.

A demonstration for what I have developed: Precision Landing Failsafe Development - ArduCopter - YouTube

@rishabsingh3003 I have trouble buying more Pixy-IR’s right now. (need two more) - they are sold out.

My application is landing on moving vehicle, so I need it to abort if target is lost.
What other alternatives to Pixy-IR are you familiar with? (till now - I have only worked with Pixy-IR) - but may need to look elsewhere.

@Andre-K I have only worked with Vision marker detection based systems (apart from IR Lock)
Here is my work on an AI-based approach: Precision Landing demonstration with OAK-D and ArduPilot - YouTube
The other being AruCo markers (examples can be found everywhere for that)