Precision Agricolture: Shot control with Mission planner


I’m developing a precision agriculture system to fight a maize (corn) parasite, we have done a distributor of small capsules with larvae inside. Our distributor shot one capsule each 100 sq mteres. using survey planning, with do digicam control inside MP :

typically distance between lines are 10 mt and distance between di digicam control command are 10 meters. (one shot each 100 mt sq).

problem: if i would like to shoot each 80 squared mt (+ -), i need to shoot every 8 meters (and distance between lines remain 10 meters), so i increased the overlap parameters in survey grid until the shot distance is 8mt… but i realize that the shot number does’nt change…(always 43 in example attached) in other word under 10 meters it ’ isnt possible to have shot with shorter distance, after 10 meters instead if you reduce overlap the shot number decrease…

It’ easy to show maybe with pictures than write…

thanks in advance for help.