Precise pulse width motor test?

Is there any way you could spin up each motor individually to a precise pulse width? I normally dynamically balance each motor and then prop with a vortex and scope. But to do that you need to spin the motors up to the same amount each time you take a reading. When replacing a propeller I would need to access the Pixhawk and pull the esc lead. With some units this is a huge pain like the Foxtech D130 where the FC is buried between the top and middle boards. Any way to modify the motor test function?

This kind of gives you an idea what’s required. Disconnect 8 esc power leads, motor leads and signal leads just to get the top lid off. What a pain lol.

The easiest way to do this is with a servo tester. But, there might be another way.

If you set all your roll, pitch and yaw Rate P, I, D and Imax terms to zero, and put it in stabilize mode, it should respond only to throttle input. Then you can control the throttle setting pretty accurately with the throttle stick.