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PreArm Trim Error

(Pavel) #1

Hello Everyone!
My name is Pavel. I’m beginner. I have some difficulties with my Quadcopter and Pixhawk PX4 PIX 2.4.8 Flight Control. On Miission Planner Flight data screen I have message: “PreArm: RC16 maximum is less than trim”
What does in mean?
What should be done to fix it?
Help me, please. Thank You


(Peter Hall) #2

You can fix this by setting RC16_TRIM to 1500, RC16_MIN to 1000 and RC16_MAX to 2000 in the full parameter list. You will have to do this for any channels above the number of channels your receiver has. This is caused by a mission planner bug in the RC calibration, you also may be able to download the beta mission planner and re-calibrate RC inputs to fix.

(Pavel) #3

Great thanks for such a quick reply. I use version 1.3.62 MP. Which file is Beta?
or ?

(Peter Hall) #4

in your current version, go into the help tab and at the bottom click check for beta updates

ps: the beta is MissonPlannerBeta